ACRIES is promoting the repair before failure principle and the necessary parts that will enable our customers to keep their equipment in high performance are stocked in its wharehouse.
ACRIES has been able to achieve its target of 97% parts availability for stock items and over 90% for stock and non stock items combined for parts sales over the counter.Some of the various genuine parts that are supplied by the Company are those briefly summarized below:
ACRIES is commited to working in partnership with its customers. To this end it has a team of Parts and Service Sales Representatives (PSSRs) and Counter sales men dedicated to supporting customers in ordering the right parts at the right time to reduce machine down time. Our PSSRs visit every customer, at least twice a year, and inspect their machines on site. Based on the inspections carried out they will submit inspection reports with list of parts that are required for planning maintenance and smooth running of the inspected machines. They also undertake the Custom Track Service (CTS) a system designed for inspection, wear measurement and repair management of major undercarriage components to reduce operational cost of tracked type machines. The service of PSSRs are provided to customers free of charge.