Company Vision

Sustain ACRIES's position as one of Djibouti's most valuable, trust worthy company through world class performance, creating growing value for the Ethiopian economy and the companies stake holders.

The company’s long term vision is to emulate and better the achievements of the past. The company has a robust presence in Djibouti. ACRIES’s goal is to remain the preferred choice for customers at home market, besides operating with conviction and leading certain chosen sectors for innovation. In summary, ACRIES aspires to be remembered as synonymous with excellence just the simple philosophy of listening to customers and anticipating their needs as well as communicating with them effectively.

Company Mission

To enhance the wealth generating capability of the company in a broad environment delivering superior and sustainable stake holder value.

We are leaders in our area of responsibility, with a deep commitment to deliver results. We are determined to be the best at doing what matters most

CAT® Parts Availability and Service Support is Key to all equipment Performance.At ACRIES, we are promoting the repair before failure principle and the necessary genuine parts that will enable our customers to keep their equipment in high performance availability round the clock.

ACRIES, in its effort to support its esteemed customers and to fill the demand gap of rental machinery, started a rental wing in 2003 with key models required by the market. Today ACRIES is proud to work with its customers and provide rental solutions

ACRIES is commited to working in partnership with its customers. To this end it has a team of Parts and Service Sales Representatives (PSSRs) and Counter sales men dedicated to supporting customers in ordering the right parts at the right time to reduce machine down time.

ACRIES is an organization that believes in long term relationship with our employees. We understand the contribution of employees for the company’s prosperity and hence we provide them with attractive remuneration and a good working atmosphere.